Whole 30 Completed

As you can see, I gave up on posting my daily eats.  I was getting bored with it and honestly, the food was basically the same as I had posted the previous 24 days.  Did I quit the Whole 30 though?  Hell no.  I finished it and I got on the scale today.  As part of the W30, you aren’t supposed to check your weight at all.  I was very happy with the results.  I am down 10.8 pounds.  I was a little worried because I didn’t hold back on the carbs like I have in the past.  I ate plenty of food but still lost.  Because of the success that I had I’m going to continue this way of eating for a while.  I might have a treat here and there.  We are traveling to NY this weekend and it will be harder to stay 100 percent compliant but I’m not going to go nucking futs either.

This month I learned that even though I took out the nightshades I still had some pretty bad joint pain and I have to probably go to the doctor to have some tests done to see if it’s arthritis or possibly lyme disease.  Through the month I did lose most of my cravings that I had and really have no desire to add booze or dairy back in.  I pondered having a cup of coffee this morning with some half n half but decided that I didn’t want/need it.  I also learned that my gut just doesn’t like a lot of vegetables and I think towards the end of the month it wasn’t liking nuts.  I had some digestive issues with the nuts so I’ve cut those out for the time being.

Going into April I’m trying to figure out what to do with my exercise.  I gave myself the month of March to just focus on the eating side of things.  I had planned on getting back to running in April but my knees are not happy right now and I’m thinking that with losing some more weight I’ll be able to run longer/faster which is what my goal is.  I think for April I’m going to go back to lifting heavy weights three days a week and I’ve signed up for a 30 day beginner Yoga class.  I think if I can strengthen myself with the lifting and yoga then that will help with my running.

I did have a tiny bit of excitement that turned into a state of bummerness.  Last Friday, one of my friends suggested that I sign up for the last team member spot of a Ragnar team for the Miami to Key West relay.  I jumped on the idea.  It really hadn’t been on my radar to do.  The running group of friends I have on FB (with whom I met and ran with at Disney) had a team they were filling.  I was in kind of a pissy mood because they were all signing up and I was watching it happen.  I didn’t think anything of it because I didn’t think T would be okay with it.  Friday he told me to go for it.  So, I logged in and set up a Ragnar account and let the team know that I was in.  I sent my check to cover my fee.  I spent the weekend in ultimate bliss. I scoured the internet for all recaps of this particular race.  I was scared and excited all at the same time.  Yesterday, my friend called me and said there were so many people signing up so quickly that they lost track of how many team members there were and I was actually team member thirteen aka not needed.  That sucks!  I mean, on the one hand, it’s good because it’s an expense that I’m not going to have to figure out but on the other hand I was really excited.  I had already started my planning on what to take, how to train, printing off maps…some people might call me obsessive.  I like to think of it as just being prepared.  So, now I’m on backup runner list should another runner drop out but honestly, I don’t know if I want it now.  Looking at the team, I was obviously the slowest runner on the team.  I kind of feel like they would be better off without me.  All in all, I’ve shed some tears and now I’m just in a serious state of funk.  I’m sure in a couple of days I’ll snap out of it.  I just need to find something else to work on.  Focus on Aruba.  Focus on Aruba.  Focus on Aruba.

So, it was a successful Whole 30.  I’m very happy with the results.  I got my $150 reward and I’ll figure out what to spend that on.  Perhaps I’ll put it toward the RunDisney half in January.  Who knows?

Whole 30, Day Twenty-four

The eats:

011Breakfast:  2 fried eggs, bacon, tangerine, and a black coffee

003Lunch:  venison, carrots, olives, and mayo

004Snack:  almonds and raisins

006Dinner: roasted chicken, roasted onion, fennel, and carrots, and plantains.

FINALLY, I feel like I should have felt a couple of weeks ago.  My cold for the most part has broken with just a little bit of the sniffles lingering.  My mind was clear.  I got so much done.  I was in a great positive mood.  T actually asked me to eat like this all the time because my mood was like night and day and my ability to get things done is impressive.

As we are winding down on our final week, both boys are now asking/begging that we don’t do another one right away.  I’m not sure why because we didn’t make them adhere to our rules.  They’ve had their cheese and cream in their coffee.  They just haven’t had the shit sugar.  I let them know that those things would NOT be coming back into our home.  If, while we are out, they find a small treat they would like, then yes, they can have it.  They did really well considering.  They weren’t fond of some of my meals but they would scrounge around and get something.  We do have a dinner planned out mid-month next month to celebrate the completion of our Whole 30 and they are looking forward to that.  As for me, I think I’m sticking with it.  I’m not ready to add back dairy or sugars of any sort.  I’ve really enjoyed the fruit as my sweet fix.

I’m dying to get on the scale and see if and what I lost.  I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some because my pants fit way better and my bloat is down.  I’ve got my Aruba goal that I’m working for.  Speaking of Aruba, I had a dream last night that we were somewhere and there was a tsunami (one of my BIGGEST fears).  I woke up in a cold sweat.  I then googled today to see if Aruba could be hit by a tsunami…uh, yup.  In fact, apparently the Caribbean is due for some seismic movement and they’ve been doing drills for preparedness.  Now I’m freaking out.  Of course, my family thinks I’m nuts but I worry about shit like this.  Ugh.  What will win?  My fear of a possible tsunami or my unbridled desire to be on a nice beach with crystal blue waters.

Felt: fantastic

Mood:  super duper happy and productive

Reward:  115/150

Whole 30, Days 20-22

This is going to be a three day recap of my eats.  I was out for the weekend.  Sick…on the couch.

Day 20:

009Breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, tangerine, and green ginger tea

011 (2)Lunch:  hard boiled eggs, sardines, carrots, a pickle, olives, and mayo

001Dinner:  2 burgers with bacon and pineapple, sweet potato fries, and mayo

Day 21:

002Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, and pineapple

003Lunch:  bowl of almonds, cashews, and raisins

004Dinner:  2 burgers, yucca fries, pickle, mayo, and mustard

Day 22:

005Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, plantains, and black coffee

008Lunch:  apple with almond butter and cashews with raisins

010Dinner:  venison with sauteed mushrooms and shallots

So, last Thursday I started to come down with the cold.  I survived Friday but Saturday it hit bad.  I was able to get the food shopping done for the week but that was all I got accomplished.  I can’t remember the last time I had such severe sinus pressure.  It felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my head.  I took dayquil with no relief.  I used a damp hot compress, nothing.  I hoped it was just a cold and not the starting of spring allergies.

Oh, one good thing though that is a result of the Whole 30.  My period started with NO real PMS issues.  No cramps, no crankiness, no bloating.  That’s all I need to stay off the sugar for a while.  The last couple of months have been terrible for my period but this was is no problem.

Sunday, I skipped the food prep.  I had plenty of mayo left from last week.  I still had some ghee left over and I had eggs left over.  I will have to make ghee Monday or Tuesday but I was impressed with the fact that as we get later in the Whole 30 it seems like we are eating/using less.  Part of that may  just be that we are all sick and not feeling like eating/doing much.  I rested all day Sunday and T made the most amazing dinner.  We went freezer diving and pulled out some venison that he got from a buddy at work.  In a way, I wish we hunted because man, you could fill your freezer with some tasty meat.  I need to find someone around here that will sell us some venison.  He marinated the steaks (mostly big hunks of meat) in lemon zest, lemon juice, garlic, marjoram, olive oil,  and oregano.  It was freaking amazing.

That was our weekend.  Low key.  Caught up on some movies.  Tried to feel better.  Now, we only have seven days left.  T is looking forward to having a bit of bourbon but I can’t really think of anything that I’m mad craving anymore.  We were talking about it yesterday and the ONLY thing that I still miss is the morning coffee with stevia and cream.  I’m pretty much having a cup of coffee every other day now and I’m finding that I like it better cold than hot.  Weird, I know.

Oh my gosh, how could I forget? The other major thing I noticed with this past week:  I cut back on the vegetables I was eating.  You know what?  My gut pain is all gone.  I have far less gas and my bloating is down, even with my period starting.  I’ve been having pickles and been okay.  Olives are okay. Carrots are okay.  I did have a bit of cabbage on Thursday with the eggroll in a bowl and had the farts for two days afterwards.  I think I’m breaking up with vegetables for the time being.  I’ll stick with fruit, nuts, and meat.  I’ll add a veg here and there and see how I feel but I felt so much better last week without the tummy pain.

Felt:  nasty cold

Mood:  bleh

Reward:  110/150

Whole 30, Day Nineteen

The eats:

005Breakfast:  2 fried eggs, strawberries, and black coffee

002Lunch: coconut toasted in ghee

004Snack:  2 hard boiled eggs, carrots, radishes, and mayo

007Dinner:  eggroll in a bowl (2 bowls)

Today sucked ass.  I actually texted T mid-day and said “how about we call this a Whole 18?”.  The boys and I called it a school day at noon.  I was done.  Both A and I have terrible colds.  I’m hoping it’s a quick cold and not spring allergies.  As you can see my lunch was a bowl of toasted coconut.  I wasn’t that hungry but wanted to munch on something.  A and I settled onto the couches under blankets and watched The Three Caballeros.  T ended up coming home around 1:30 because he was feeling shitty too.  I guess around 2:30 I got hungry so I made myself a quick plate of food.  I only ate a couple of radish pieces.  I was a dumbass and left the greens on the radishes all week and they went bad.  I cut them off and washed the radishes really well but they tasted like rotten greens.  Next time, I cut the greens off the radishes when I bring them home.  I didn’t really feel like making dinner, but I did.  I could barely tasted it but everyone was happy.

The one good thing that happened today was that my dishwasher miraculously started working again.  I’ve spent a month and a half hand washing all of my dishes and I’ve been using the dishwasher as my drying rack. There was water that was pooling into the bottom of it so I wanted to run it to drain it.  Lo and behold, water was now going into the dishwasher again.  I guess the pipes must have frozen.  Either that, or there is something loose on the back.  Either way, it picked a great day to start working again.

Bedtime was funny.  T and I were rationalizing a hot toddy.  I said I would have one ONLY if my cold kept me from sleeping.  I would have one shot of whiskey with some warm lemon water and a touch of honey.  We rationalized that if we were to take cold medicine or cough syrup it would have sugar and alcohol.  Why not just make our own with good ingredients.  I think T was really hoping that we would do it but I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep pretty well.  So, we  made it through day nineteen, barely.  Only ten more days to go!

Felt:  crappy cold

Mood:  ready to throw in the towel

Reward:  95/150

Whole 30, Day 18

The eats:

013Breakfast:  2 fried eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, an orange, and a cup of green ginger tea.

014Lunch:  corned beef, roasted carrots, white sweet potato, olives, mayo, and mustard

015Lunch dessert:  apple with almond butter

004Dinner:  knockwurst and fried plantains

Today was another day where I was hungry all day.  I thought I did pretty well considering. Today was also the first day where I had those thoughts.  You  know, the “I’m over this” and “I wish we could just go out for dinner” and “I’m tired of cooking and cleaning”.  That’s why I kind of gave up on dinner.  I didn’t want to fry up the head of cabbage that usually goes with the boys’ kielbasa and my knockwurst.

One thing that I’ve been trying to monitor this week is my bloating and gut pain.  I’ve specifically laid off the celery, cabbage, broccoli, and brussels sprouts.  As of today, my gut pain and most of my bloating is gone.  I am not meant to eat gassy foods.  Those are all FODMAP foods.  I haven’t eliminated all FODMAP though because I’m still eating onions, garlic, and apples.

In totally unrelated news, T found out today that his application for the California Legendeer was accepted.  That means he will be heading for a 3 day symposium in San Francisco and then heading into the Yosemite National Park for 6 days of camping and hiking.  He will be with lots of artists and photographers.  I’m super excited for him and somewhat jealous.  I told him he needs to take my DSLR and take more pictures than he thinks he should take.  I need to give him lessons how to use the camera.  And then I need to figure out how to pack a carry on bag with enough clothes to last 10 days without having the ability to wash the clothes.  Of course, the downside of this amazing opportunity is that it does NOT fit into my budget that I worked so diligently on.  I think I’ve figured out how to keep the trip off the credit cards though.  I hope he’s ready for some hard core hiking and has plenty of sketchbooks to take with him.

That’s about all I have for today.  The Whole 30 is kind of getting boring but I’m also happy that I’ve not really had any major cravings in the last couple of days.  I might have killed them.

Felt:  belly felt good.  joints ached.  feels like cold is taking hold.

Mood:  excited and good

Reward:  90/150

Whole 30, Day 17

The eats:

010Breakfast:  2 fried eggs, 2 pieces bacon, strawberries,and cup of tea.

003Lunch: hunk of ham steak, radishes, carrots, olives, and mayo

007Snack:  half of this bar.  T ate the other half because A ate the pecan pie bar.

008Snack(part two):  cashews and raisins…holy hell I was hungry today.

009Dinner:  corned beef, a sliver of cabbage, carrots, and white sweet potatoes

Today was a tough day.  Not because of anything except that it was St. Patrick’s Day and there was no Guinness in sight.  I’m a girl who likes to toss back a pint or three of Guinness and indulge in a shot or two of Irish Whiskey.  Not today though.  I stayed strong and mentally counted up all the drinks that I’m due for when this is done.

I’m not sure why but I was hungry today too.  I had good meals but I was just feeling hungry all day.  I tried to limit my snacking and if I didn’t have to split my larabar with T, I probably could have passed on the bowl of nuts and raisins.  I’m thinking it might be that it’s inching closer and closer to my time of the month and maybe my hormones are just being demanding.  I’m hoping I will be able to control my cravings.

Not too much else to report.  Still have burning in some joints and skin that hurts here and there but overall still feeling better than I did last week.  Our family might have picked up a bug somewhere because C is having some digestive issues and A is sneezing.  Still in a good mood though.  Time is ticking down on this Whole 30!

Felt:  slightly achy

Mood:  good

Reward:  85/150

Whole 30, Day 16

The eats:

007Breakfast:  2 fried eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, an orange, and black coffee

005 (2)Lunch:  lamb chops, carrots, radishes, and mayo

005Dinner:  roasted chicken, roasted onions, fennel, and carrots, and mayo

009Snack:  cashews and raisins

Finally, today I was feeling better.  I still had some aches and pains but I had energy.  I got so much done and my mood was great.  I did have some digestive troubles early in the day but felt great when that was all done.  I guess my body is still getting used to the real food.  I’m glad I’ve stuck through it and not given up.  Another plus is that my pants are definitely fitting better.  I feel like I’m almost back to where I was when I was running my half marathon.

The evening snack was a totally unplanned event.  I wasn’t hungry.  At all.  My starving 12 year old that can’t get enough to eat had a big bowl of nuts and raisins and they smelled good.  I was settling in for the night to catch up on my Tivo and the Vaults of Disney from Sunday night and I wanted something to munch upon.  So, munch I did.  I acknowledged that I wasn’t hungry and enjoyed the hell out of it.  I only hope that this new sense of control sticks with me past the last day.

Nothing else really to report.  I’m just happy to finally be feeling better and I feel like I’m top of everything that I need to get done.

Felt:  so much better.  Less achy.

Mood:  fantastic!

Reward:  80/150